Thursday, November 12, 2009


Our second time at the "Apple Patch" (orchard) this fall, and Myla's excitement was marked. It unveiled itself through squeals, arms & legs all awhirl, and giddy phrases such as, "We're HERE, we're HEEEEREEE! It's the Apple Patch, Yay - I'm so excited! SQUEAAAL!" (You could safely guess that baby Gracie had officially woken up at this point.) 

If only we could all get this excited about things - even those things that we have done before, even recently, like - spoken to or hugged our sig-others for example. Little things make life's big picture come together... they not only matter, but they matter big. I really appreciate the little things. I always smile to myself when my little people do too. It's like it's built-into children! Too bad that goes away so often for many adults... I'm going to try to make a point to keep that momentum up and encourage that in them for life, regardless of age! 

A TIP! Keep the mindset that it's always amazing - to talk to friends, your partner, to see the sun rise, to see it set, to watch the leaves fall, to smell fall in the air, to feel the breeze... (Ummm, I could pretty much go on forever with this - so I'll just stop here! Hopin' you got the point!) If you think about it like it's your first time, and really take it in, it might just feel like the first time all over again (but with even greater appreciation perhaps?!) Thinking about your sig-other like you did when you first started to fall for 'em, will keep that spark alive too. (Well, it works when they reciprocate... you can only do your part. They have to meet you in the middle by doing theirs too. At least you can try... And then say you've tried too!)

A QUOTE: "Children find everything in nothing; men find nothing in everything."  ~Giacomo Leopardi

WHIDFML: Spent the day with my sis and her baby girl, and my girls, and enjoyed fall at the Apple Orchard. It was fab & relaxing.  :)

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