Friday, November 6, 2009

Too Tired... to Sleep?!?

You ever notice how tricky it is to get your kids to sleep willingly?? Of course you have! No parent has ever completely headed-off such evils entirely! But, there is this super-fine, fine line... it's almost transparent - nearly impossible to see. It's the line between a child who is tired enough to actually want to sleep, and a child who is now past the point of no-return and well on his/her way into over-tired-land... (Great evil lurks on that side of the fence. I'd prefer to err on the side of not-yet-tired-enough, myself!) Both offer their share of strife... It really is a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils when you don't find yourself regularly hitting the tiny little mark in-between. 
I lucked-out today! I thought I was nose-diving off of the fence into dark territory when they both put up rather unusually fierce fights about what they were willing to eat (or not eat) for lunch today. I've never seen such an outcry over the fact that the yogurt cup had unwittingly been slightly dented-in near it's base during transit from Trader Joe's to Home-sweet-Home... I will remember this for the future; Treat yogurt as you would treat eggs... 
I thought to myself, "Damnit! (Wait - I mean - dang-diggity!) I should have done this a half-hour ago... they'd be sleeping by now... Maybe...." The day had started off so wonderfully! It was one of those days where I was finding myself dreamily reminiscing to what I had originally envisioned motherhood to be :) I thought, "Yeah! This is what I signed-on for... Nice. Keep it comin'." So quickly the evils that pounce just when you least expect... 
However, I must say - by some miracle... I must have JUST made it in the nick of time! They have been soundly dozing now while I consumed my lunch and caught up with this here blog. The timing couldn't have been better. It's GORGEOUS outside! It's FRIDAY, baby! I'm completely and utterly caught-up with myself and life... so very organized lately! And now. NOW, I get to have some true, unabashed, well-deserved and hard-earned ME-TIME! Yay! Have a fab weekend y'all! ~Cheers!

TIP! When you DO happen to hit the nail on the head directly with timing naps/ sleep... pay close attention to the time. I've noticed that 2:00 seems to be just right. I can dig that! I'm going to aim for that as regularly as possible. I've never liked to keep 'strict' schedules. Life's too messy for that.... But, I will try to be as close to 'good' with naps as I can - since this will undoubtedly make 'good' for everybody involved! 

A QUOTE: "The trouble with learning to parent on the job is that your child is the teacher." ~Robert Brault

WHIDFML: Heading out to do some reading down by the babbling brook in amongst the trees and the sunshine... THIS is peace. I don't know how I'd 'cope' without this yard! It is truly a means of stress-relief, rejuvenation, relaxation, and energy - all at once! ~Peace!

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