Friday, November 13, 2009

Kids Are Funny!

Myla: "Let's watch a show!!!"
Me: "Hmmm, let's play first... You can watch a show before lunch after you've played for a while."
Myla: "NO! I don't want to play. It's hard work!"
Me: "What??" (Uh Oh.)

Myla was prudently trying to put her socks on all by herself today. While she struggled to get them over her perfect, dainty little toes, in a huff she spit out these words: "Ahhh. C'mon dude, what are you DOING?!" Hahahahaah! (Sounds like her dad.)

Addie trying to get my attention today: "Hey Enise! (Denise)"
Me: "Hahahaahahaha, Hey WHAT? What happened to 'mommy'"?? 
(Sounds like her dad. Hmmmm. Dad better be especially careful) ;)

TIP! Watch what you say around 'em. At about 18 months +, they can repeat much of what you say... They tend to remain partial to the things you'd rather not hear from their precious, innocent little mouths. We lucked out with these particular funnies :)

A QUOTE: "Children seldom misquote.  In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn't have said."  ~Author Unknown

WHIDFML: I'm up to regularly shaving my legs again - around 3 times per week! (I was opting for more sleep instead for a [long] while there while the girls were younger....) I'm enjoying my wardrobe now that it all fits again... Especially my short skirts and long socks (knee-high/ thigh-high)+ boots = My fave being my authentic western boots, perfect condition, $6 at Good Will!) 

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