Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Age of Innocence

I've come to the conclusion that my favorite age of children is probably ages 2-3. 
Addie is 2 - and she is probably the cutest damn thing I've ever experienced :) She's spunky, needs some reassurance at times, but is otherwise independent and curious to try things and see what comes of it. She's still so innocent, but gathering info and processing it like a sponge - learning and developing. Each time she learns something new - it's just too cute! She's able to communicate her needs pretty effectively, but still hasn't quite got the hang of speaking outside of phrases. This is the most fun time to interact with them - during this phase. While she does occasionally let her frustration get the better of her - and often becomes distraught over her sister's insistence upon doing things her way - she's sweet, and thoughtful, and likes to just have fun! This is what is meant by the term "she's 2." When struggling to convey a desire/ refrain from losing favored toys, etc, to the bigger sis, she is merely trying to express herself thoroughly, and proclaim her new-found independence. She won't let her sister walk all over her just because she's littler. (I have to actually say I'm proud of that spirit within her!)
Terrible-two's?? Nah. Not unless we're referring to terribly-cute, terribly-funny, or terribly-sweet!

TIP: Stop hurrying, and do less worrying; Revel in all of the little moments, and smile :) 
A QUOTE: “A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men” ~Martin Fraquhar Tupper
WHIDFML:  Opened-up my upcoming mommy-day for whatever appeals to me at the time... A nap? Sure! Some tube? Maybe (...if it continues to be a soaker!) Some reading? For sure! Some home-made hot-chocolate? I'm thinking YES! A fire in the fireplace? This is a serious probability! All of the above?? Quite possibly!

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