Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Pe--- What??"

Two-year-olds: Funniest folk on the planet!
Joel says - "Hey, listen to your daughter..."
At this point, I'm already thinking, "Uh oh - must not be too good, since she is officially MY daughter..."
Addie: "PENIS!" 
Me: "Hmmmmmm. Ooo-Kaaaaaaaay????" 
Joel: "Peanuts"
Addie: "PENIS!"
Joel: "Hahahahaha! See... Peanuts."
Addie: "PENIS!"
Me: "OH! PEANUTS! Okay!!! Much betta." 

Me: "But wait a minute - how would she know how to pronounce EITHER ONE??? She's WAY too little for peanuts! What the??"
Addie: "PENIS!"
Joel: [shrug]

Brings me back to Myla's past version of "Truck" - Replace both the 't' and the 'r' with an 'f' - and you have Myla's baby-version of "truck"! 
At least we don't have one running around yelling "penis" and one yelling "fuck", all at the same juncture! Hahahahahaahah! 
Gotta love the kiddo-lauguage~

TIP: Keep snacks (NO peanuts 'til much older! Ask your doc.) stashed in little Tupperware bowls in the vehicle, where the sun won't beat on them.... We carry cheerios, crackers, and the organic pop-tarts at all times. Then, when you're on the go, and you have an emergency hunger strike, you are prepared. 
A QUOTE: "The great thing about human language is that it prevents us from sticking to the matter at hand."  ~Lewis Thomas
WHIDFML: Sat out in the sun next to the brook and read a magazine during Addie's nap, while Myla played in her sandbox. (ohm)

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