Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What a MOMENT!

I just had an "Oh my gosh - it's only 3:00!!"-moment  :)  That was a nice moment.

All too frequently - my "days off" (while void of whining, whimpering, force-feeding sessions, cleaning up after toddlers, and a general inability to finish a thought or complete a task) were filled with running from errand to errand, trying to multitask, inevitably over-thinking my actions as I try to best strategize for maximum list-whittling, general-craziness (only of a different nature). In as much, I'm usually glancing at the clock throughout the day, agonizing over how little time remains to check off what's left on my big list of "what to accomplish sans-children today"... Normally, I'm anxiously realizing to myself, "Oh man, it's already __ o'clock?!"   Not today!

Today was the start of new and improved mommy-days; Mommy-days as they were intended to be. Not solely functioning as opportunity for chore-achievement, but rather, as a means (primarily) of winding-down and recharging my mommy-batteries, and embracing the day! [And now, I do so with zero apologies... also as it should be!]

I finished the book "An Introduction to Love and Logic" by Jim Fay. It was a quick read, and an enjoyable one at that. (LOL!) I sat by the fire, sipping wine, low music in the background, candles flickering, rain trickling outside, and read - giggling all the while. It felt great. It felt - beyond great! It was so........ (deep breath) relaaaaxing. (Ohm.) While my camera batteries are plugged into the wall, gathering a charge ~ I've been plugged into my inner-soul, recharging as well. (Ohm.)

We can't do it all. Even as stay-at-home-moms, our time is valuable, and limited. It's a fact. If others around you perceive your non-40-hour-per-week schedule as "open" and filled with bon-bons and long, hot bubble-baths, they can have their perceptions! Only someone without children would dare to perceive it. So - throw away any of those creeping thoughts about how little you may be contributing to society. You are contributing - by raising future adolescents and adults who will also contribute in their own invaluable ways. On the days where you actually get a break - don't apologize, and don't feel guilty for "not getting it all done while you can." That's not realistic anyway (take it from me!) When the worker-bees leave their work behind and go home, they get to ultimately "have a break" from said work. 40 hours a week is nothin'! Moms and dads (particularly those who stay at home) - put in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Breaks are minimal at best. Eat it up when you get one! That is my advice to you :)

TIP: Un.Be.Lieve.Able, tangible, down-to-earth parenting techniques - found here:
Love & Logic Info
A QUOTE: Having a family is like having a bowling alley installed in your brain. ~Martin Mull
WHIDFML: Um - this entire post is all about doing something good (and necessary) for me! Find what works for you and implement that for yourself. It's important. And remember, you are teaching in your example as well.

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