Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to All the Mommies?

'Twas the first year that Myla actually understood some of the meaning behind the celebration surrounding Mother's Day... We met up with the fam for food, drink, laughter, dessert, and gift-exchange. When the DQ cake was unveiled, Myla did whisper in my ear inquiring, "Mommy - when are we going to sing happy birthday??"

However, the highlight of my day was receiving a very special hand-made card from my sweet girl! It is pink (no doubt), and came adorned with darker-pink hearts and flowers. She had carefully selected their location, and glued them on all by herself. She even drew the stems and leaves, and completed the look with a few sparkly 'diamonds' affixed to the card's interior. My sis had thought to write the words I (heart) U Mommy in pencil, and then Myla traced over the pencil with a (you guessed it, Pink!) marker. Adorable!! I had to fight back a few tears, especially with how excited and proud she was to show me her work of art. (Rather impressive, too, I might add!)

So Happy birthday Mother's Day to all of you fellow-mommies out there! Hope it was special :)

TIP: 3-year olds have a hard time keeping secrets. ;) She did mention before mother's day that she had a 'surprise' for me - and that it had a pink flower glued to it... But alas, I still could not have been prepared for such a beautiful and heart-felt gift! And she didn't give away all of the details!
A QUOTE: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” ~Pablo Picasso
WHIDFML: Re-potted all house-plants in GOOD soil, and moved the herb-garden pots to the living-room bay window... (SOUTH-facing! Further research alerted us to the fact that herbs need lots more light than they'd have received facing Nort~) 

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