Monday, May 3, 2010

"She Couldn't Handle it..."

 [photo by Joel]
Kids pick up on the funniest things. The other day while outside with the girls, there was a freshly spun spider-web coveting the interior of the little foot-pedal toy car. Myla was quick to point out the obvious - knowing that I might react with slight panic, followed by cringe, followed by carefully-executed-strategic-planning for exercising the demons. (Spiders = Satan's spawn in my book.) 

I did, without much under-breath cursing, successfully remove the web using a stick. With no demon actually present, I quickly removed any remnants of its home before the girls could commence care-free play. 

However, within about 5 minutes of this occurrence, Myla witnessed some other under-breath mumbling-to-self as I expressed that I "can't handle this today" - while breaking up a very unwarranted and unnecessary screaming-fit between the two young ladies. So much for muttering...

Upon daddy's return home from work, she explained to him that there had been a "big spider web" in her car today. Daddy asked her, "Uh-Oh... Did mommy get it out for you?" To which she replied, "Nah. She couldn't handle it." 
"WHAT?!" I chimed-in, laughing... "I DID TOO take it out - and ya'all should be proud of me for that feat." I proceeded to explain to Joel where she got that from - and we shared a great belly-laugh over it. I still giggle when I think about her matter-of-fact response, (and her weird meshing of the memory of what actually happened.)  

TIP: Keep your cool :) [Parenting with Love & Logic - from a previous post - working awesomely... Myla still outwits us occasionally - but we're working on that! Actually - she wore a HALO for a solid WEEK! A.MAZ.ING. Somehow, my sister seems to bring out the rebel in her... At least she exploded in her presence twice in one week, which would seem like quite the coincidence. Hmmmm.... Gonna have to give that some more thought.]
A QUOTE: “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception” ~Aldous Huxley
WHIDFML: Cleared some air about perception, in fact. 

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