Monday, May 3, 2010

The Truth Be Known!

Myla has been looking forward to "going fishing with Daddy and Uncle Danny in the boat" this season. The other day, my bro and Jenni were over - helping out with vehicle maintenance, and hanging out. She and Jenni are good friends these days. Jenni was a great sport - playing all sorts of make-believe with her while she practiced "driving" daddy's car. During their play time, Myla expressed her excitement about the approaching fishing season to Jenni. "I'm going to go in the boat and go fishing with Daddy and Uncle Danny..." She continued some more after a few questions from Jenni, assuredly stating the stats, "Daddy catches the big fishies... and Uncle Danny catches all the little fishies." (All with a knowing nod of the head and a crinkled up grin!) That produced some laughter amongst the crowd! The funny part is, Danny is the big winner in her eyes - as she is really quite fond of the "little fishies". She prefers them, actually. This one really blossomed into the girly-girl of the fam. Maybe Addie will join Daddy in pursuing those 'big fishies' someday soon! In the meantime, Danny is busted! ;)

TIP: When you've let the kids play in the car, make sure they didn't turn on the dome-lights... You won't notice until A) It's dark, and you happen to walk past the vehicle - or B) your battery is dead! Luckily, we found out via option "A", with enough time to re-charge overnight. 
A QUOTE: "...of all the liars among mankind, the fisherman is the most trustworthy."  ~William Sherwood Fox
WHIDFML: 2 Words: Chocolate Milk... (Made with Midnight Moo - Trader Joe's - all natural/ real ingredients, and really the only "bad" thing in there is a bit of sugar. But that's in the eye of the beholder...) ;) 

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