Friday, January 22, 2010

"B" Vs. "Bee"

Let's end the week on a positive note, shall we?
Cute story for ya... (and a great representation of Myla's strong-will actually benefiting her in the long-run!)
So - the three of us girls are at the new easel... We're playing with the white-board side, and little hands with colorful markers are making their way around the blank white canvas while imaginations spark! Myla gleefully asks me to join in the fun and "color with us". This is followed by Addie's beckoning as well, "You too, mommy!" OKAY! 
I decide to make it into an opportunity to practice recognizing our alphabet. I slowly draw each letter across the board, naming each one as I go. They watch in wonder, and then continue with their own works of art. Within a minute, Myla asks me, "Mommy, will you help me draw a B?" Sure! I'm excited... thinking she was more interested in the alphabet than I had initially thought. I hold her hand in mine, and begin to make another letter-B. "See, a line, with 2 bumps!" She ponders this... wheels a turnin'. She looks a little bit perplexed, and now I'm trying to read her little mind. That's when she interrupts this attempt with a new request, "No, a bee... it goes BUZZ - like BZZZZZZZZ!" Hm... clever of her to solve this problem with a little extra thought. I was proud of her for figuring out a way to communicate her desire. But I had to laugh - because - well - I was WAY off! Hahahahahahaha! We proceeded to draw a bumble-bee... Now, anytime she'd like a new picture of a "bee" - she's sure to precede it with the word "bumble". 

TIP: Creative problem solving and adequate communication are probably more important than memorizing the alphabet anyway, right? Well... those letters will enable her to communicate better in time! For now, she's got "communicating" all figured out!
A QUOTE: "Intelligence is really a kind of taste: taste in ideas." ~Susan Sontag
WHIDFML: Started working-out again ~ diligently & without fail - 3 X a week. Feels great! Lots more energy, better sleep, keeps my stresses or tension in check, stronger (gonna try snowboarding once I'm strong enough!)... good, good, good.

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