Saturday, January 30, 2010

Best Friends

I LOVE watching from the sidelines, careful to avoid disrupting the game, as the girls play together. They interact so well now - often on the same frame of thought. It's rather adorable, if I do say so myself.
Myla will walk into the kitchen with Addie. "Addie", She'll say, "Now lay down. I need to give you a shot." Addie complies. Myla proceeds by opening up a drawer and locating the one rubber spatula that contains a pointed-tip on one edge. She lifts the pant-leg of "baby-Addie", who lies there waiting patiently. Myla then pokes her leg with the pointed tip of the spatula, and Addie begins to pretend she's crying - just like a little baby - arms & legs all a-flail! Freakin' darling!
The first time they played this "game" - Myla had to instruct Addie to "cry" following the injection. Now, they have a system pretty much down-pat. 
Speaking of pat... Anyone read Pizza Pat (Rita Golden Gelman) lately? Fun book... This is the cheese all white and sloppy that topped the sausages spicy and choppy, that sat on the sauce all gooey and gloppy that covered the dough all stretchy and floppy that lay in the tray that Pat bought... Myla and Addie call this book "Pat Bought", as each new page ends with this phrase. 
I'm enjoying this stage of "toddler-hood" with my girls! It has indeed, finally become "easier" - as was promised by my mom, and many others about 2 years ago.  ;)  Plus, my day off each week makes a world of difference for me - helping me to maintain that balance..... (Ohm.)

TIP: Play with them. It's great! 
A QUOTE: Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending. ~Jim Henson
WHIDFML: Received some good tips in my Living Without magazine, for people with gluten/ food allergies.

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