Saturday, January 30, 2010

Music to My Ears

Myla loves to go around singing - randomly - about random topics and thoughts. It's funny, because she just begins to literally share her thoughts in song...
"I love my mom.... my sister's name is Addie, and my dad is at work. I'm going to Kimmy's house next day (tomorrow).......... My mom is so funny when she makes funny faces at me..."
You don't really get the full effect unless you hear the kind of tone she takes when breaking out in song. Anyone else out there a recovering Catholic? [Please allow me to stress the term "recovering".]  If you've had any experience with a Catholic mass at Christmas time, and they opted to sing about the birth of Christ during said mass, you may have an idea for the tone I'm referring to. Think along the lines of, "... and they called him JEE-SUUUUUS..." Yeah. Adds something to the entertainment value for us! I'm wondering if she'll try to get into Opera some day. She loves the idea of acting/ singing/ dancing on stage. Although, she holds steady to her desire to be "one of those ladies who walks on big sticks" when she grows up. :) 
Today, for some reason, she chose to sing about ants... "We have ants - in my yard. I like to play outside in my yaaaaard..." This was a unique one. Caused me to chuckle. I think she's got a hint of cabin-fever. She can't wait to go to FL so she can play outside, and go no picnics, and go swimming, and go to the beach! Amen.

TIP: We recently figured out that if you just switch up the contents of a sandwich for a kiddo - they tend to keep enjoying them. Turkey, PB & J (for Myla), Balogna... Braunschweiger (Addie loves it - and it'll surely add a little meat to her bones, to the ped's satisfaction.) 
A QUOTE: “Singing has always seemed to me the most perfect means of expression. It is so spontaneous. And after singing, I think the violin. Since I cannot sing, I paint." ~Georgia O'Keeffe
WHIDFML: Bought some new lip gloss... ELF - cheap, colorful, fun. $3 for 3 tubes at Target! Score.

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