Monday, January 18, 2010

PRECISELY the Reason for This Blog!

So, we're hanging out in the kitchen... Myla, in a goofy mood, expresses to me while I wash her hands of breakfast, "Be careful young man... (giggle, giggle)..." I laughed and said, "Hmmmm, but I'm a young WOMAN." She insisted eagerly, "Noooooo! You're not a WOMAN.... You're my MOM!" 
So then I attempted to explain that even though I'm her mom, I'm still a person - who happens to be a woman. Just like daddy, is also a man... I'm thinking, "She's so logical, this will make immediate sense to her..." HA! 
She retorted, "You're not a PERSON - You're my MOM!!" This time, with an even greater emphasis on the word "MOM". 
That is exactly how this blog was born. My kids were born, and though a mother is often expected to morph into a multi-tasking machine, we remain human... A human needing a regular form of battery-re-charge, that is. We also need to remind ourselves of this fact, and continue to care for ourselves - so we can maintain enough of ourselves to go around!
And so - please do continue to follow me on my journey - you know... as a "MOM"! Enjoy & Cheers!

TIP: Feel free to shed a tear in front of the kiddies once in a while - so they will better-understand the fact that we too are people, with emotions, and with basic survival needs ;) 
A QUOTE: "Now, as always, the most automated appliance in a household is the mother."  ~Beverly Jones
WHIDFML: I suddenly remembered how I used to keep my skin so nice... even in winter. I found my long, lost tube of mud-mask, and proceeded to wash away all blackheads and shrink my pores! I do believe I have found myself a new little weekly-pampering routine. Since I don't much care for wearing make-up (aside from those child-like eyes)... this will be my highest-maintenance preventative measure ;)
*Even with eye-shadow & mascara on, I was recently guessed to be 9 years younger than I actually am... If I didn't wear eye-make-up, I swear people would think I was still in high school!

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