Saturday, January 30, 2010


Oddly enough, we didn't go through a "mine" phase with miss Myla at the age of 2, or at any age for that matter... 
Addie has been much more direct about what she feels belongs in her possession. Then again, she has someone to compete with for her 'belongings'.
They share for the most part, actually. But Myla is very passionate about how their games are played, and when she wants something done a certain way - Addie often disagrees. And so we are jolted into referee action by the screeching wave of "mine! Mine! MINE!" echoing from the next room, with moderate regularity.
There is one little thing that Myla is exceptionally possessive of, and in this case - we really can't argue with her. I'm talking about her "baby sister". She's very protective of her, and any time we are in a public place, she is always very careful to keep a watchful eye over Addie... making sure to remain acute to her locale' at all times. 

The retired Grandparents often take them to various local parks/ playgrounds/ and programs. There happens to be an open-gym at a nearby park where the kids can run and socialize and just cut loose - indoors for the winter months. Grandma & Grandpa Mack, and both girls made their way, and had themselves a great time - with one minor initial set-back...
While Addie ran rampant, a little boy - a tad older than she - found himself intrigued by Addie. Surely it must have been her level of energy! He took it upon himself to play with her a bit, and be silly... getting down on her level to talk to her. Upon witnessing this, Myla ran directly to Grandma with big crocodile tears in her eyes exclaiming, "I want my SISTER back!!" 

Not to worry - she was reassured that no one was "taking" her sister from her. She eventually realized she could be part of this, and all was well. But I love their connection. Here's hoping it never recedes~

TIP: Social opps with other kids of various ages = good... Start early-(ier than we did)  ;) Learning to 'share' your siblings also = good.
A QUOTE: Complete possession is proved only by giving. All you are unable to give possesses you. ~Andre Gide
WHIDFML: I already packed! (We have a few weeks before leaving, but I only really have Wednesdays to do this with!!) I managed to pack for all 4 of us - using only one large suitcase, and one carry-on. *[The girls will have each a small carry-on for snacks and toys, compliments of Grandma.] I KNEW I could do it! ;)

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