Thursday, January 7, 2010


And - so - we are still trying to potty-train miss Myla. (She's 3-1/2, and of strong will.) Joel and I spent some time reading Parent, online - and were reassured that there is really no "magic age" or magic ANYTHING for that matter, when it comes to their readiness. Myla is clearly not ready. Addie - is -- or maybe WAS? Not sure anymore. She got her "prize" for being on the right track, and then suddenly she fell off the 'tracks' altogether. 
Now, we're trying to apply different techniques to get this ball rolling again! I think we'll keep trying with Addie - although her sister seemingly has convinced her that it is "scary". Oh come on! She was doing great - and now - it's scary?!?? Thankfully - monkey see, monkey do doesn't ALWAYS apply with Addie. She will divert from the well-beaten path when she deems it worthwhile. Sadly, they are a couple of monkeys in the case of the diaper-diaries. 

One means by which I figured we might re-ignite an enthusiasm for the potty was through their desire to "watch my whizzles come out"... Luckily we mom's are prepared for this kind of invasion of privacy long before the need to potty-train arises. Pretty sure giving birth brings about an assured level of modesty. This is just the cornerstone of what is yet to come! 
They both followed me into the bathroom enthusiastically, to witness just what it means to whiz into the toilet. They are both girls, so I figured, what the hell? My bod used to hesitate slightly if someone was in the next stall in a public restroom. Now - I have two sets of inquiring eyes hovering, glued to my anatomy whilst it does it's thing. As I was saying, nature prepares us. Alas, there is no longer any hesitation, my bladder is now empty, the girls observed an up-close demonstration of 'pee-pee in the potty', and I was feeling hopeful that this would infuse them with a desire to be like mommy, and do so themselves. Evidently, nature still has other plans.
*This sure is a new one to add to my previous blog "To Pee, or Not to Pee..." Hmmmmmm.

TIP: There are some rather remarkable success stories in the Parent online articles that certainly border on creative-craziness. One mom told her kiddo that when flushed, the poop makes its way to the sea to feed the fish, and if he didn't go, the poor fish would be hungry. This worked for her. (I believe it would backfire on us, and Myla would refuse to eat fish ever again at the dinner table!) A father, spent a weekend with his son in t-shirts and underware, with plastic-sheathed furniture... By the following week, he was trained! So - if you think it will work - why not try it! Too bad having an audience at my side while urinating didn't do the trick. I could have written in with that suggestion - you know - anonymously! Ha.
A QUOTE: "Where there's a will, there's a way."  ~ Proverb
WHIDFML: Stood firm; 'nuf said! :)

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