Friday, January 15, 2010

I Love, I Love, I Love...

"I just love Addie's cupcake-candles! And, I love my kitchen, and I love the drawers, and I love the handles, and I love the window, and I love the table, and I love the refrigerator, I love the toaster, and I love the sink, I love the chairs, and I love the floor, and I love my mommy, and I love my daddy, and I love Addie!" :)
Myla was chanting this the other day - as she looked around the room in our kitchen. That is one room we can not wait to re-model. Some of it is going to be a more costly undertaking, and must be put off for some time. But we do intend to do the more feasible tasks - such as painting the cabinets, and replacing the cabinet knobs/ handles... with our Lowe's gift cards - yay! Now if we can just get a weekend to do this with ;)
But, listening to her little chant offered me a slightly better perception of it... It's not that bad. It's functional. It'll do - until the time is right. (Damn priorities!)
I was particularly fond of her song's ending - naming the people she loves... Awwww. I should take a cue from this little lady and view things with more "I love" in front of them... I try to be regularly grateful. It's good to have goals, but it's good to keep the blessings in check and recognize them regularly.

TIP: Love, Love, Love
A QUOTE: "Love, love, love..." ~The Beatles
WHIDFML: Did some lovin'!

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