Friday, January 1, 2010

Sung to the Tune of Barney...

Myla (Dressed in her princess costume): " I love you, you love me, My mommy and daddy are pretty princesses!" 
Then, she asks dada, "Can I make you into a princess?!?" With reluctance he replies, "Yesssssss..." 

Then, Myla - as asked of Addie - while in their princess & Tinkerbell costumes: "Hey - can you fly? Hey - can you fly for real?" Addie responding with irritation, "DUDE!?!" (As in, leave me alone!)

Addie (while trying to be Tinkerbell) - "Hey - SHOE... SHOE!" (Handing me her Tink shoe, and lifting one leg into the air at an angle that seems physically impossible.)  

Then, the Christmas froggy button gets pressed and we all continue to "play" to these lyrics: "Jumpin' Jimminy Christmas... it's Christmas time again!..." 

Myla informs me (While making me a princess with her magic wand aswoosh - adding a headband bearing a giant fake rose, a bracelet, and my own magic wand that makes special glittery noises when "swooshed"), "Just calm down mama, and your giggles will go away." (My hysterics?!? Will they? I don't know that I want them to go away!! This is too fun!)

TIP: Laughter + family games + wine = reinstated sanity ;)
 A QUOTE: "Being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be."  ~ Princess Diana
WHIDFML: (Besides laughing hysterically all evening??) I ate a giant piece of gluten-free cake - (from the box) - by Betty Crocker! TSGS (That's Some Good Shit!) The whole fam damnly loves it - you'd never guess in a million years that it's gluten-free! It's the most moist-delish cake I think I've ever had! Even Myla ate her cake... (I'm serious. Normally - just the frosting. Tonight - cake and all!!!) It's a hit.

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