Saturday, January 30, 2010


I'm managing to knock on the wooden desk before my as I type this... so as not to jinx the situation. We have had far too many stressful Myla-lassoing trials to have it back-fire on us now.
JOY! We have found the magic... I think we just gave her too many chances on too regular a basis. Now, we rule the roost with the iron fist! Ha - okay - not exactly. I mean, we finally have attained the proper line-width... and it's much easier to walk it and maintain a coinciding balance in the matter. (As you know, I'm all about balance. Ohm.)
We recognized that Myla is a bit of a control-freak. I can empathize, because as a child, I felt the need to control matters as well. It offered a sense of security to feel "in control". Thankfully, I've learned the beauty and benefit of "letting go" ("Letting go and letting God, as a friend recently put it!) Now - to instill this value into the heart of the stubborn Miss Myla. Discerning between what we can and should control, and what is better left to God, takes time to learn.
In the meantime, we have managed to get through to the girl, reinstating our residency as the parents on the home-front.  
*Daytime Magic: Re-introduce the Time-Outs! We had to resort to holding her down in a time-out to get her to remain... for a few occurrences, all the while ignoring her attempt to gain our attention. Now, she stays. And, when she doesn't, the timer is re-set to start over with the initial number of pre-determined minutes. Needless to say, she caught-on to this pattern, and the time-outs don't last long any more. 
*Nap-Time-remain-in-bed-Magic: Threatening "no shows" followed-by "no treats". If necessary - threaten to take away the nuk (pacifier) - which they only receive at nap and bed-time. 
*Night-time Magic for staying in bed: Threatening "no shows or treats" the next day. If needed, we threaten no nuk for the night. 
The combo of the lack of earned privileges, follow-through, plus our consistency (finally - thank you Joel!) seemed to bring about a new era in disciplining the strong-willed-child. Cheers to that!
Ironically, Dr. Phil just had a special on his show this week pertaining to "Taming the Chaos", or something along those lines. The featured family had a 3-year-old who would get along really well with our Myla. Let's just say... I hope they actually do HELP these people after the show ends! They sure don't do much to aid them during the show... Lots of "blah blah blah". It's as though these shows are merely to draw in an audience via drama and craziness - with intent to exploit the folks involved, rather than providing them with any meaningful advice. I rarely watch the tube, and almost never during the day! But when on the stationary bike, I try to keep my mind occupied with something that might actually serve as beneficial. HA! Yeah, right. Not in this society. 

TIP: Consistency. 
A QUOTE: Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media. ~Noam Chomsky
WHIDFML: Ate PIZZA! (Gluten-Free) They make them from scratch at Biaggi's - and it is GOOOOOOOOD! I highly recommend the Chicken Picante Pizza, made w/ spicy chicken & goat cheese. OMG.

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