Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Going Green(er)!

I'm always up for an opportunity to do my part to protect our planet. Now I can say that my mommy-blog is carbon-neutral! Who knew that the C02 emissions of one blog in a given year can be as great as 8lbs? I didn't. The C02 absorption of one tree in a year = 11lbs! Thanks to an innovative group based in Germany, the program "My Blog is Carbon Neutral" will provide one tree per participating blog-domain. Their goal is to re-populate the forests that have been victimized by fire in recent years in northern CA, while also erasing the carbon foot-print that the explosion of bloggers has contributed to creating. The trees are planted in Plumas National Forest by the "Arbor Day Foundation". Many thanks for the opportunity to help this initiative, "Make it green!"

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