Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Less Disorder, More Joy

We finally appear to be at a stage of growth... Granted, every time one segment of life with children has concluded, the next is merely steps away. However, the steps are getting lighter and we seem to be dancing more and tripping less! The past 3 years have been a bit of a blur. But, now I'm finding a tad more down-time in amongst it all. It also helps that Joel and I have really maintained a greater consistency when it comes to discipline. They know their boundaries. Makes a difference. There is your "TIP" for tonight!

Having had an opportunity to really relax and enjoy on a recent get-away, we bonded as a fam. Now, if we can just continue to incorporate more of that mentality into our daily life... things should flow more readily. Cheers to that concept! Baby steps... Keep it all in perspective.

TIP: If you give yourself some "me-time" each day, and give your kids some time each day, you'll find you can better concentrate on the other tasks, and you'll feel more fulfilled and balanced. (Be sure to give your spouse some time too!)
A QUOTE: “Adversity precedes growth.” ~Rosemarie Rossetti 
WHIDFML: Let the laundry and other less pressing tasks go for about a week while I catch up on photos and blogging. (Much more fun anyway!) :)

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