Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Perks include FREE Comedy, DAILY!

 Photo by Joel
A couple of Myla's most recent funnies:

~After realizing she wasn't going to "win" during a recent transgression, she sighed, "Ohhh, You're Im-POS-sible..." (with a smile)

~As if she hadn't realized this already (after being previously corrected - Mind you, Daddy is the perpetrator in his regular use of this phrase around the tikes), she blurted out the following: "'Oh boy!' is a good word... But 'holy crap' is a bad word." (Insert sheepish grin with shoulders hunched.) 

~I was jotting down some of these things so I'd remember what I wanted to blog about next... (They were adding up fast!) As I was writing, she inquired, "Are you writing a letter for olives??" [She had previously witnessed me jotting down things I had remembered we needed from the grocery store.] :)

 Photo by Joel
Addie gets funnier by the day! ~

~Mommy is going potty, and she wants to see... (Ok. WILL this ever win me the opportunity to stop buying diapers???) She sticks her face down as close to me as possible and asks, "Poopin' mommy??" 

~After completing my whiz (thank you very much), she tries to flush for me... She's not quite strong enough, and while struggling with the handle, she shouts, "C'mon.... C'MON! Come ON, dude!" I almost peed myself again laughing!

 ~When something isn't going quite her way... she regularly mumbles, "No no no..." while trying to correct the problem. 

~She mimics her Grandpa Mack ("Papa") by answering "Nope!" when she means no.

~She mimics her Grandma Roxane by sighing, "Oh maaaaaaaaaaan!" when something goes wrong. (Much better than "Oh crap" for a 2-year-old though, don't you think!?) It's truly adorable. Type can't adequately portray the emphasis, and it's almost with a chuckle that it's usually exclaimed... Kind of with the attitude like, "bummer - but no use crying over THAT!"

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