Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Week From He....y! This isn't so Bad

So - I had thought this was going to be "the storm"... (You know, the one that would follow the "calm" I had been feeling lately...) Things with the man - awesome! Things with child-rearing - fab! Things with strategized disciplinary tactics - vastly improving! The tides of stress - receding! 
Then... Wouldn't you know it, I decided I'd better brace myself for the upcoming week when I learned the following: No day-off this week, Joel was expected to be working 10-hour-days each day, Joel worked on Sunday, and will also be working this upcoming Saturday (weekend? What weekend??), AND - both girls are terribly sick. Yuck (That's a new 4-letter word, if you know what I mean.) Wow. 
So, I braced myself. For some reason, on Monday - I woke up feeling lighter than air, and rather unwound. I had an innate sense of peace. Starting each day by looking out the window to view the brook as it meanders past, only helps further encourage this calm. (Ah, Spring.)  It was unexpected, but I figured I must have been prepared enough to remain "strong" and handle whatever lurked in the dark corners for me during this expected treacherous week. Maybe so. Whatever it is... things seemed to work out. When my mind wandered to thoughts about what we might expect to have to pay at tax time... I booked another wedding and received an unexpected bonus check from J's company in the mail in the same afternoon! When considering how I might acquire some babysitting this week for a mommy-break... I realized the calendar was nearly empty all week (unheard-of!) So I figured I can make it through one week without it. (We're half-way there!) Addie had trouble sleeping (cough-cough-cough, poor dear), and woke up Myla who hadn't napped all week (when she needed it most!) Oh - wait... that's the opposite of what I'm grateful for. Ah, but by some tiny miracle (and this does count as a miracle - family will KNOW), both fell fast asleep again after I aided in blowing their noses! It was a gentle nudge - my reminder - God will provide. (He knows our needs better than we do!)
Overall, I really can't complain. I feel better than I've felt in a couple of months now - and the timing really couldn't be better. Moving forward, always, though usually in baby-steps...

TIP: Lay down 2 sizable towels on the floor beneath the humidifier to catch the mist. When the kids are out of bed during the day - hang them to dry for the next round of slumber. [Not yet sure what to suggest to prevent the paint from caking-off in layers! We do turn on the exhaust fan over the stove, and in the bathroom, with a few windows open, to eliminate what we can in the A.M.]
Bonus-TIP: When kids are congested, use the Vics Baby Rub. It contains some lavender to tone-down the intensity. Swipe some onto the top of the pacifier (right beneath their nose) - to help enable them to keep that in their mouths until they've fallen asleep. 
A QUOTE: "Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you 
When you think everything's okay and everything's going right...
And life has a funny way of helping you out when
You think everything's gone wrong and everything blows up
In your face"  ~ Alanis Morissette (Song Title: "Ironic")
WHIDFML: Enjoying all of the recent networking, vendor-recognition and correspondence, and my drive to take a chance and explore some new approaches to further broadening my reach to potential photography clientele. :)

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