Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nursery Rhymes?

Growing up, my dad had some funnies he'd share that he learned in his own youth... One such kid-friendly rhyme sequences as follows: "Oooey-Gooey was a worm, a mighty worm was he. One day he sat on the railroad tracks, the train he did not see; Oooooooeeeey-Gooooeeeey!"
The girls are now learning this fun little ditty from Grandma & Grandpa ~ only their version is something like this: "Oooey-Gooey worm was he. Ooooooeeey-Goooooeeey." 
Hm. Somehow, it's not as funny written out as it is when witnessed live! (Guess I'll have to get that on video. Thanks for bearing with me! HA.) 

TIP: If you start reading to them very early on... even if they lose interest, their interest tends to re-surface again later. Start with rhyming books, they love 'em! They'll get hooked.
A QUOTE: "What we remember from childhood we remember forever - permanent ghosts, stamped, inked, imprinted, eternally seen."  ~Cynthia Ozick
WHIDFML: Over the weekend, Joel and I trimmed a few trees. Then we enjoyed an outdoor bonfire with the fruits of our labor, treasuring this spring-time weather, all while the girls napped. 

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