Monday, December 5, 2011

BAD Puppy!

Addie loves her puppies and kitties. She carries around one or more throughout the house with her on a very regular basis (the stuffed variety.) These toy pets are generally very well-behaved. (My favorite kind of pet, actually.) One day several weeks ago, near Halloween, she had one stuffed puppy poised slightly above her mini-pumpkin, while making raspberry sounds (spitting sounds - through her lips). Suddenly she bellowed, "He's a BAD puppy! You go over there because you're BAD." I asked her, "What did he do??" She replied, "He pooped and whizzed on my pumpkin!" K - I damn near peed my own pants laughing about that one!

TIP: Buy a Sham-Wow. A little off-topic, but those freaking Sham-Wows... they really do work! Myla had donned her velvety white "snow-fairy" costume as we were about to embark on a night out for kiddos in the neighborhood a couple of weeks prior to Halloween.... Of course, she had a hankering for some grape juice right about the same time, wouldn't ya know? Indeed, she did spill a slew of it down the front of her dress.... just as we were about to walk out the door. I couldn't believe it. After expressing my disdain, I went into super-hero mode - and somehow a vision of the amazing Sham-Wow I thought I'd definitely been scammed into purchasing at the local state fair one year, began to beckon. As it turns out - the thing IS amazing! It's like magic!! I dampened it slightly - per the instructions embedded into my mind for just such emergencies - and dabbed & squeezed it all along the spill. Slowly - right before our very eyes - the grape juice disappeared - transferring onto the Sham-Wow! What the?? It's like a super-sponge... and literally took GRAPE juice, out of WHITE velvet material. I will never disrespect the Sham-Wow again!!
A QUOTE: "All of the animals except for man know that the principle business of life is to enjoy it." ~ Samuel Butler
WHIDFML: Gave myself lots of extra shut-eye whilst my bod fought off this 3-week long cold. I never get sick like this. I guess I can say I was prepared for this to happen once the girls began school. Sleep won me over during that stretch! So be it.

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