Friday, December 30, 2011

"Twas the Night Before Christmas...

and all through the house... little creatures were stirring and making noise with their mouths. They acted as though they had never been taught, the prims and the propers of misbehaving-not. They screamed and they wailed, and they stomped and they cried... until mommy and daddy were fit to be tied. We damn-near imploded from the adrenaline and fatigue, until at last, we were able to intermingle some glee. We survived the hours leading to the holiday family-affair, and finally, at last, joy so fleeting and rare. Mommy and Daddy were sure not to cave, and little sassy girls now remembered just how to behave. Though cookies and treats were off-limits that night, the girls learned to enjoy other Christmas delights.

All of the Christmas spirit that was building-up inside of me, was abruptly consumed when Christmas Eve arrived in all of it's child-hysteria-laden glory. AH. Did I SERIOUSLY jinx this shizz yet again via pre-blogging?!? What THE??? The entire day... (entire... read "ENTIRE") was filled with visions of Prozac, Chocolate, and Wine dancing in my head ;) 
Bus seriously - we hadn't experienced that kind of hysterical crying and outbursts in ages - and never in such consistent succession - and by BOTH children at once! Adelyn literally cried and screamed (and not just howling - SCREAMING) for over an hour after her nap. I was ready to catch a flight to the Bahamas right then and there, yo. [Or Delaware. Or ANYwhere.]
Evidently, they got that all out of their system. Every year I think, "Ah - this will be a good year for _______________!" (Insert preferred event, such as "Christmas"...) As they get older, they don't necessarily get "easier", per say. Their challenges (and yours) simply change and evolve! And so - I too must continue to change and evolve with the times. So be it. For the record, Christmas was good overall. We didn't have to rush all over creation, and we had spaced things out quite well. And it was fab having a church service on that Friday eve! Bonus. Another bonus? The girls and I got a reindeer-pulled sleigh ride before the service! It was Donner (a GIRL-reindeer!) and Blitzen. There was no snow this year (yet another bonus - though a white Christmas is always welcome...) They had placed wheels on the sleigh! Hahahaha - good memories nontheless. 

TIP: While threatening to take away 'treats' on Christmas Eve may seem 'strict' - if you'd lived in this house for 10 minutes that day, you'd agree it was necessary! And, if we were taught one thing in our Love & Logic class - it was consistency (also meaning: follow-through). Once that 'threat' was made to attempt to control the ensuing chaos, and the chaos did continue to ensue, it was then required that no treats be doled out to the offending children. I think it was a quite fitting lesson, actually - and one that they chose. We gave them the option/ the warning. It wasn't heeded, and not by our account. 'Twas their choice to disregard our authority... again.
A QUOTE: "Let`s be naughty and save Santa the trip." ~Gary Allan
WHIDFML: Convinced myself that blogging is not going to jinx me any longer! I'm seriously not allowing anything (or anyone with ill-wishes) to negate my happiness! Always been very independent, and will continue that trend - thank you very much! Happiness stems from within. Your attitude about the things that you cannot control really do affect your reactions to things. You can choose to be happier. While we all have moments, and bad days - your choice to resolve your issues in ways in which you are able, help propel you forward through life's challenges, and enable you to grow on a spiritual level.

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