Monday, December 5, 2011

"Feeling the Joy"!

So - one of the reasons I am addicted to the Grey's Anatomy series, is because they relate everything that goes on - back to 'real life'. It's like - things people actually go through are highlighted through the dramas that play-out on this show. It's kind of genius actually - and it sucked-me-in from the first glimpse I got - - a random few minutes while flipping through and happening upon a re-run one night a few years back. Since then, Joel and I have caught up on all of the episodes, and are fully in the loop. The only thing I hate about this show - is that I cry following damn near every episode! But, it's also why I like it... It has some real meaning behind it - stirring up some emotion! I am not a TV person - or a movie buff - so for that to occur, it definitely says something about this show!

So there was one particular episode recently - where one of the main characters was repeatedly reminding those who have been under his wing for some time now, to 'feel the joy'. It's cool, because this guy was feeling some regret, over not putting enough emphasis on his relationship with his wife - who is now struggling with the early stages of Alzheimer's. Needless to say, he's taken on a better approach to life - and is really taking-in the moments. The little miracles every day - are more meaningful to him. He's learned to recognize them, and revel in them. I can SO relate to this!

Joel and I were both terribly guilty of being 'planners' for a number of years. Always dreaming and thinking about "one day" - all of the things we plan to be doing, etc... Some day... But then we realized, we don't know what the future holds. We don't need to have "all of our ducks in a perfect row" before we start really enjoying life. That's not to say that we shouldn't still dream. Oh yes - please do! But live right now too. If you're too focused on tomorrow - your moments of joy are passing you by today. That was what this character in the Grey's Anatomy episode was reiterating to his colleagues. It was pretty cool to see it playing out on the screen. Joel and I gave a high-five to each other - as we shared how glad we both were that we are truly "Feeling the Joy"!

TIP: enJOY life. Feel the Joy!! It's right in front of you. Live it!
A QUOTE: “Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal.” ~ Unknown
WHIDFML: Shopped online for Christmas. Click click click... Ding-dong. I'm done!

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