Monday, December 5, 2011


So - there was an opp for Myla to try some little tykes soccer recently - for very cheap. I'm so grateful for the 'very cheap' part. She's little, and we didn't really know the extent of her level of interest. It seemed an ideal chance to have her give it a go - and see if it lead to a love of the game.

Well.......... Not exactly. She enjoyed tying some things, and liked being in the practices/ class with the other little kids... But while they were running around chasing a ball around the gym during a mock-game ~ she was standing on the sidelines twirling and pirouetting! HA. I think we'll stick with dance classes for now! We can give sports another go in the future. She is our little princess, that one.

Dance classes are a great way for them to get in some indoor exercise in the winter, and they can usually be in the classes together. Yep. I think it's time to locate some more dance classes.

TIP: They won't know until they try. Neither will you.
A QUOTE: "A lifetime of training for just ten seconds. " ~Jesse Owens

WHIDFML: Found some delish new gluten-free cookies at Trader Joe's... no baking required. WOW! Bring it.

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