Monday, December 5, 2011

Naked & Pretty... Awwww

It's not really what you might think... It's more about one of those mommy-hurdles, in fact. But - the blow was softened by the sweet voice of a 5-year-old. 

I awoke early to my alarm - to make sure I could jump in the shower and be out again by the time the girls got up to get ready for school. It's one of those rare, glorious moments of mommy-solitude. Warm water to wake me up on a cold day... A chance to just come out of sleep-mode - and be alone for a few minutes. Or not. Just as I closed the door, the littles found me - and they weren't really in the mood to allow me such luxury. So after asking everyone whether or not there was any need for use of the facilities, I set off once again to attempt this 10 minutes of wake-up time. They assured me, after much prodding, that they were certain that no one needed to use the toilet. Alas, in my infinite wisdom, I managed to lock the door to the room where I stand naked and wet, and craving a moment to really just  shake that sleepiness (and cold) from my tired bones. (I don't do well with mornings.) But no. Someone has to knock on the thin piece of wood that stands between my 10 minutes of solitude for the day, and the two little people who make a full-time job out of ensuring that I get no more than 3 minutes of solitude in a given day. I ask what the trouble might be, to which I receive an urgent request to use the potty. "Poop or whiz?!?" I shriek in a "how dare you" tone... "Poop!" Damn. Had it been pee, I know that girl with the bladder of steel would have been waiting patiently until I completed my shower. After all, I did ask them, 3 times to be sure, whether there was a need for this - prior to starting the morning cleansing activity. So, I toss down my robe across the floor, and reach out my dripping arm to unlock the handle on that lovely piece of privacy-inducing wood. I'm feeling a little drained, and a lot frustrated at this stage... but that soon dissipated. How could I remain frustrated when that sweet little voice from behind the shower curtain proceeds to tell me, "Mommy! You're sooo pretty - even when you're naked!" Those silly words beget smiles, and smiles beget happy-vibes. Kids. They drive you up a wall, and then cushion your fall as you're about to lose it. There is something integral about that. 

TIP: Remind yourself of their innocence. It helps you stay calm ;)
A QUOTE: "Being pretty is a full time job that's why I'm only part time..." ~Unknown 
WHIDFML: Finished this - and now - I must rest! ;) Until we meet again.....

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