Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Salsa Authentica

We visited the local Mexican restaurant recently to enjoy a celebratory dinner. It was a good day, and I was feeling especially up-beat and light-hearted. This disposition seemed to readily feed into the giddy-mayhem that unfolded during our meal. Luckily, we were seated in the LAST booth on the far end of the restaurant.... since we somehow missed that boat named "I eat out at restaurants - just with kids now". (Those who follow my babblings know what that is referring to!) While one child is shimmying to the authentic Mexican jive, exclaiming, "My boobies are moving!" - the other boogies-out a big-girl-sized-fart, promptly announcing, "My spooted!" All I could do was laugh, while Joel attempted to 'shush' them to no avail! Somehow, this was all funnier yet when sipping an authentic Margarita on the rocks! Yes, the real-deal does tend to treat me right. For the record, I was already in a good mood, as described above. Taking kids out in public, and enjoying an adult beverage only enhanced that mood! Until we meet again - Adios!

TIP: Tall booths make for decent sound barriers. :) 
A QUOTE: "I feel a blog coming on!" ~ ME
WHIDFML: Decorated for Christmas!!! Gosh, I feel organized.

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