Monday, December 5, 2011

To Leave, or Not to Leave....

So - I found myself hustling after dinner to clean up some things, and I was about ready to put on my shoes to head to bowling night with the girls... It'd been a number of weeks, and I was really honestly in a social mood - as it were. But I got delayed. Joel had to take care of something quickly before I could leave the girls in his care... So, he disappeared to do his thing, and I continued to clean up random dishes in the kitchen and put away left-overs... and clean up the girls a bit. Then, they decided that they wanted MOMMY to make their toast. Addie loves a good butter-sandwich. (Yes - I said butter.... just butter.) Myla wanted some jelly toast. I have to carefully peel away the crust, and place just the right amount of condiments atop the kid-friendly pieces. It was high time I showed daddy just the way to go about this - in case he ran into such things whilst I was away.

Just as I was grabbing my boots, the phone rang. So I set them down to answer. It was aunt Debbie. She was calling to kindly inform me that one of my very favorite Christmas classics was on in about 10 minutes - "A Charlie Brown Christmas". Dilemmmmma! Okay. I guess, not really. I mean, I did consider the fact that I hadn't been to bowling in weeks - but then I considered some other facts. A) - This happens once per year - and I'm liking the tradition of watching these classics together as a fam. The girls revel in the experience - and I know we're making good memories for them that will last. B) - I gave it my good ol' rocking-chair-test: When I'm ripe, and rocking in my chair on the back porch, which would I be more proud of having done? Yep - you guessed it... It'll bring a smile to my face to recall having spent that time with my kids and my guy - just soaking in the holiday-happies and creating tradition. (Er - passing on tradition!) C) Coincidence that I kept getting delayed?? Probably not. Things happen for a reason... and D) The clincher - I asked the girls if they wanted me to stay and watch it with them... They screamed with giddy-glee and it was a resounding "Yes, yes, yes"! Following this - the girls were tucked in for a night's slumber, and Joel and I got to just relax and hang out while watching a favorite new netflix series: Paranormal State. Freaky-deaky, mysterious, intriguing.... We are totally psyched about this one. He seems genuinely interested in doing good with his knowledge on the paranormal. Plus - I got in a good work out. I'm determined to snowboard this year! Gotta power-up first!

I have to say I'm soooo glad I didn't commit to full-time bowling again this year. I like the flexibility that comes with occasionally subbing, and just dropping-in to hang out and have a drink when the mood strikes. The thing is - this year I've been busy, but I've also been really kind of a home-body! I enjoy being here with my fam. I do enjoy getting in some girl time and just hanging out with friends up at the alley - but the fact that I want to be at home more, I think this is a good thing too. So - I'll go when it works out, and I'll stay when my heart tells me to stay :) There. Figured that out! Easy-peezy, as Myla would say.

TIP: When faced with a decision, do what feels right - what means the most to you. Happiness will naturally ensue.
A QUOTE: “If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise.” ~Robert Fritz
WHIDFML: Joel and I are planning a mini-getaway this winter sometime - to a luxury retreat, and a chance for me to attempt snowboarding over a weekend! Can kick that off the ol' Bucket-List soon!

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