Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Balancing Act, Or is it More Like Juggling?

I require BALANCE. [2 kiddos, & 2 hands… zero coincidence!] I’ve worked hard for years at achieving balance, and I continue to work hard at maintaining it. I’ve always loved to write (and talk) – and do so in detail. This is the perfect venue for such ramblings… If it in some way offers a fun reprieve, or helps you too – then bonus! Let’s do this thang!

When things on the home-front develop into chaos - (well, more so than the norm) – I turn inward - - and now -- allow some of that to spill outward - - here! For me personally, this mommy-blogging thing is another one of those little treats I give to myself, to help me be better at ‘doing’ for others… It offers me an outlet. It’s kind of like an interactive diary. I get to reconnect with myself, and potentially offer comfort and ideas to other parents in the process. It enables me to re-evaluate my situation – seeking out the blessings, and giving it a lighter appeal. Happy mommy = happy family!!

TIP! Reflect on one positive thing that impacts your day for the better, every day.

I have thought, on many occasions, about how grateful I am to be a mom during this cyber-age – so that I can keep in better contact with ‘the outside world’ while raising the brood.

A QUOTE: "This is pretty much what journals are all about, at least to me. I knew as I wrote them that even though they provided an excellent place for brain (and heart, and psyche) dump, they were mainly a map of me."

Colleen Wainwright

WHIDFML: Picked out a new leather 'chain' ($2 at Michael's), to fix a necklace that I paid $1.50 for at a garage sale. Oh the irony!

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