Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings...

When I'm feeling sad........ I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad!

I'm a green-machine! Since I moved out of the house at age 22, I began making a transition to organic foods and chemical-free products anywhere I could. The more I got into it, and the more I understood & learned, the less I wanted that stuff around me (or in me!) I'm so glad I got into the habit (and got my husband into the habit) - before babies arrived. 

Sure, I still have people around me who say things like, "Ah - we've been using/ eating/ doing that for years... and we're still alive..." Sometimes I have to bite my tongue to avoid asking, "And how is your quality of life??" It may not have a pronounced enough effect that you can pinpoint it. And, it may not produce negative side-effects promptly, but over time. I just know our bodies weren't wired to handle it. So I see it as doing my part to do my best to prevent issues from arising later in life. We all want what's best for our babes too - and I've found ways to maintain my green-clean-life on a budget! All can be found at your local Target stores. Continue below...

Products I feel good about using - especially as a mom - and a mom on a budget:
~ Method brand cleaning products (any). My favorite are the cleaning wipes. They are great for bathroom clean-up (especially in-between more thorough cleanings). 
*I also really enjoy the sprays. You can use them anywhere - they smell great - and you don't have to worry about setting food on the counter-top after having cleaned it (ironic, eh?) If used in the tub, you don't have to be concerned with taking a long hot soak, or putting your little ones in for a soak. *Great hypoallergenic liquid fabric softener 
~ 7th Generation dishwasher detergent - It doesn't leave a residue/ spots, and washes clean... BONUS - I don't feel like re-washing before using/ letting my kids use eating utensils!
~ Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent - hypoallergenic, plant-based surfactants... the ingredient list is literally 3 items long (and easy to pronounce)! Also - best bang for buck amongst the family of people & earth-friendly detergents. 
~ Palmolive Pure & Clean - Palmolive has actually always (as far as I've known, anyway) been free of phosphates. Now, they have boosted it further. Only makes me feel better. Very affordable!
~ Greenworks toilet bowl cleaner - I LOVE the way I can squirt it right up under the rim, and let it sit and soak a bit... before coming back to scrubbing. It's earth-friendly - so you can feel good about flushing! 
~ Dawn dish soap - but not for dishes! I like it for A) Pre-treating laundry stains (awesome!) and for B) Washing linoleum & tile floors. (Haven't tried it on the wood floors...) 
~ Swiffer!! The sweeper (NOT the wet-mop products.... You aren't even supposed to get that on your skin, so avoid that crap!) The sweeper is amazing - and picks up so well. But I have to say that the PLEDGE brand dry sweeper refills are cheaper, and work just as well. TIP! You can also use (and re-use, and re-use) a MICROFIBER cleaning cloth in place of the dry-sweeps. ALSO fab for washing the floors applied to the swiffer/ pledge with warm water & dish soap! Keep a couple of mf cloths to alternate... You just plunk it into the wash (with no fabric softener), and you don't have to purchase the refills! ** Double-Tip! [I do a load of non-fabric-softener wash - all my cleaning cloths and dish rags together]
~ Pledge brand dusters - (If you don't like to dust with a cloth and a stinky, greasy chemical) these are THE best! (Again, cheaper than Swiffer brand, but work great!)

While we're on the topic of favorite products... here are a few I couldn't live without as a mom:

~ Bouncy seat - portable, vibrating, kept my colic kiddo asleep for more than 10 minutes at a time! Yay. TIP! When babies are small enough to stay in seat (with belt, of course) - you can put them to sleep in the bouncy seat when sick with colds. It keeps the mucus (I know - gross!) from draining into their throats and causing them to cough and wake. It also keeps their plugged noses from plugging up completely - allowing them to keep the nuk in and everything!! Bonus - you can put them next to your bed/ in your room to watch them more closely when ill. If I could have only chosen one furniture item for my baby - it would have been this little chair! It was pure LOVE.
~ Nuk. The amazing pacifier that stays in their mouths! I prefer the silicone ones... seem less 'soft'/ lasted longer. TIP! Re-boil for 3 mins on occasion/ as needed to keep clean. 
~ Nuk-holders! Even when the Nuk stays in well, baby will still push it out. We also attached it to them at night (after they were at least 6 months old, and mobile) to keep it from falling out of their reach/ through the crib bars!! What a splendid invention! 
~ Portable/ DC baby monitor! I love the fact that you can plug it in when you're inside.... or grab and detach it - and away you go - anywhere you please around the yard/ house. You have battery option, but don't go through them as quickly. The one we like is by Safety 1st - $20 bucks! 

TIP! I mentioned in a previous post - but worth mentioning again... Trader Joe's is fantastic for organic and/or all natural, no fillers, no artificials, no preservatives, etc... good-for-you-foods, at very reasonable prices! Better than co-op pricing, and WAY better than your little corners dedicated to health in the big-name-ick-stores. 

A QUOTE:  "Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money."  ~ Jules Renard

WHIDFML: Listened to my bod, and went to bed early. Also - slept-in when I had the chance! Ahhhh, refreshing.

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