Sunday, September 27, 2009

What Goes Through the Minds of My Neighbors When...

I open up the kitchen door, or roll down the window in the truck, to toss out a banana peel into the yard (usually aiming for tree branches) - all while laughing hysterically... by myself?

A) Good thing her husband loves her
B) WTF? What is WRONG with that woman??
C) I just don't GET it.
D) Is that her idea of composting?
E) Do squirrels eat banana peels?
F) At least it's biodegradable
G) Can we move? Soon?
H) Ummmmmm, Did you see that? What WAS that?
I) Her kids are making her bananas! ;)
J) Must be a private joke between her and her husband. He's always picking them up. 
K) A little bit of everything mentioned above?

You decide on this one. ~ Feel free to leave your comments! 

TIP! Banana peels decay quickly and start to stink up the garbage can (and house) fast. I just throw mine around the yard!! They blend in after a couple of days (upon turning brown), and it's super fun teasing my husband. [big grin] (He has no problem leaving mountain dew cans/ bottles or tools lying around... but heaven forbid we "junk up our yard" with a naturally biodegradable food peel.) I can't resist! One time, I draped one on the side-view mirror of his car, and he drove about a block before realizing it! Hahahahahahahahaha! (I am admittedly a little bit crazy.)

A QUOTE: "It's not about the writing. It's about the feelings behind the words."  ~Takayuki Ikkaku

WHIDFML: I skipped doing laundry all last week. (Yep - it was still here come this week!)

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