Thursday, September 24, 2009

For the Love of [insert name of preference here]... WHAT is that SMELL?!?

Sensitive noses, unite! Will our houses stink forever? Nah - once the kids move you, you'll be just fine. Maybe.
It's this constant battle between 'good' & 'evil'. "Out with you oh evil smelling stench! Won't you join us in the battle, fresh and lovely candles, sprays, & perfumes??"

Is it the diaper pail?
TIP! Use a man's scented body-spray, such as AXE brand, to spray the inside of the pail before re-bagging... Seems to zap the odors pretty well, actually... (it overtakes it at least.) *[Lysol is the old-school disinfecting/ deodorizing system - that still works great! If you like old-school.] ;)

Is it the garbage?
TIP! Clean inside & out with vinegar diluted in water to keep ants from relishing in the hum. Allow to dry before re-bagging, and that potent vinegar-scent will evaporate, leaving behind a clean & fresh trash can. (Again - Lysol can be our friend here as well.)

Is it the garbage-disposal?
TIP! If you have fresh lemongrass in your crisper drawer place a stick in and let 'er rip! (Or cilantro - Mmmm!) If you don't have that handy, some uneaten toddler-bits of apple will also freshen the fumes. Another trick - toss in some whole coffee beans, and run hot water while it grinds 'em up. Helps slough off any scum while adding a nice aroma to the sink.

Is it shoes?
TIP! If stored in a closet (ie: coat-closet) hang a few car air-fresheners inside. If stored in an entryway - on a rug - use linen spray on rug (as often as needed.) Spritz some inside tennies too. (My fave is from Bath & Body Works - Aromatherapy line - Pillow Mist, in Sensuality ~ $10.)

Is it the grubby-hubby's work boots (again)?
TIP! Spray that AXE man-scented body spray in there  - lay it on thick, baby! Don't be shy. You'll probably need to do that again tomorrow. And the next day... And the next... And again the next day.... Keep a couple (thousand) cans on hand. *[Bonus: If he doesn't normally wear it himself, you get to have your yummy-man-smell-fix while freshening up the house!]

Is it the laundry hamper?
TIP! If you can, I recommend stashing them inside closets. Not a ton of air to circulate the stink, and how many people come over and hang out inside your closets? (Okay, how many people who are over 3 feet tall?)
PS: Pre-treat stains (especially on baby clothes) without icky chemicals! Use some Dawn Dish Soap - and rub in with some warm water. Ideally, let sit for a bit before washing. If stubborn stains (ie: grape juice) remain - hang dry and repeat. (Time & Resource-saver: I usually just let them hang there until I put in the next load, and add items again at that time.)

A QUOTE: "If any man wish to write in a clear style, let him be first clear in his thoughts; and if any would write in a noble style, let him first possess a noble soul."  ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

WHIDFML: Painted my toe-nails. (BTW, they don't smell.) :)

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