Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Maid

I will probably never forget this conversation, as long as I live. My mind will surely wander to it every time I’m on my knees upon that kitchen floor, or washing dishes, or bathrooms, or cleaning potty-training ‘accidents’, or doing laundry (including Joel’s!), or figuring out the bills, or cleaning spilled juice, or pre-treating stains (should I stop now?)…

One day, Joel (the hubby) called from work to check on his girls. I was cleaning food from the kitchen floor (it’s entirety, mind you) for the second time that day beneath 2 high chairs, knowing very well that a 3rd round would follow dinner that evening. I had a sugar-plum vision before the phone rang, of me kissing my girls and running around with them while a kindly maid diligently made my floors, countertops, and dishes sparkle with cleanliness! I told Joel, “If we win the lottery… the FIRST thing I will do with the money is HIRE A MAID!” He chuckled, “Yeah, and pay her well for the little bit she’d have to do…” I – I went – silent. I couldn’t speak at that moment. I had to make sure I didn’t mis-understand. SERIOUSLY!? What did you just say??? I finally sputtered out a “What??????????” Followed up quickly by, “How LITTLE she’d have to do??? Is THAT what you think?!?! Are you kidding me?I feel like I’m cleaning CONSTANTLY!!!!”

Then, to calm down, I reminded myself that I could never handle a 40-hour, stale, confining, work-week situation…all while leaving my little people in the hands of someone else during those hours… and that I’m grateful for his devotion to us in that regard. He too realized how this impulsive response was – well – completely uncalled for!! And he quickly apologized, saying that’s ‘not what he meant’. I’m going to trust him on that one. He’s been given – (very unselfishly by me) - the opportunity to experience the never-ending bitter taste of household upkeep coupled with recurring baby-mess! He should know better, don’t you think?? Maybe he just needs a few more reminders while mommy takes some little breakies. ;) It can be arranged. It’s for his own good……… [insert rebellious and mildly vengeful laughter here.]

TIP! To keep up on your day-to-day, spring now and then for a little rejuvenation-in-a-bottle: Trader Joe’s Electrolyte Enhanced Water… YUM! You can also spring for those catch-a-mess-mats for the floor beneath the high chair. However, in our house, it’d need to be the full size of the kitchen floor. So we just don't even go there.....

A QUOTE: "The man who writes about himself and his own time is the only man who writes about all people and all time." ~George Bernard Shaw

WHIDFML: I skipped cleaning (other than the necessary food-clean-up daily) for a full extra week! (I had better things to do - what can I say?)

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