Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cheese for Breakfast

Would you like some whine with your cheese? Thank you - but no! My girls have been whining for days about the abundant array of foods we have for them to consume early in their waking hours... They've been going through a phase (we hope) where they have no interest in any kind of breakfast fare whatsoever. No eggs, no toast, no waffles, no pancakes, no cereal (not even their beloved Cheerios!!), no oatmeal, no pop-tarts (Actually - Nature's Path Organic Toaster Patries - with no hydrogenated oils, artificial anything, or preservatives!), nada. I was really struggling with what to even offer anymore, when my littlest little one gleamed gregariously while asking for "sheeeeee. mama." (Translation: "Cheese, mama.")

I hesitated - but only momentarily - while I weighed the consequences of this in my mind... 
~ 'Tis a healthy request
~ Baby will stop crying and eat
~ It could definitely be worse...

~ Baby becomes constipated when too much cheese is consumed as it is... How about bright and early in the A.M.?? 
~ This is going to morph into a phase of its own... We'll go for weeks of having cheese for breakfast. (Where is that Miralax?!)  *[Disclaimer: I have NO medical background or knowledge... I am merely following our pediatrician's recommendation regarding Miralax usage. Please contact your Doc before employing any medicinal applications - particularly with your children! Special instructions apply - seek them from your Doc.]
~ We may need to consider purchasing stock in cheese............

So. As it stands today, we've been consuming cheese, crackers, and apples (thank God - the fruit helps keep the bowels functioning properly!) for breakfast for about a week and a half thus far. Thankfully, our doc provided us a little insight into gentle bowel stimulation. Again, please check with your own Doc before attempting anything medicinal.

TIP! If they request something healthy - what they hey? It's better than the fight... and better than cookies for breakfast. Phases are supposedly temporary anyway, right? We shall see!

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  1. Sometimes I really feel guilty for forcing my kids to eat a lot at breakfast while I, myself skip it. Well, we mothers know that they need it to have energy in school. Thanks for sharing a very interesting post here. Good luck. By the way, these free gift cards might interest you too. Have a blessed day!

  2. Thanks for your feedback - and I agree - breakfast is important! Thanks too for the gc offers. Take care!

  3. I think it is GREAT that your children are CHEESEHEADS!!!!