Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beyond Every Hurdle, Lies.... Yet Another...

I’ve been SO spoiled! Both of my girls have always liked sleeping-in. They would wake together on average at about 8:30am! (I know – NICE. I shouldn’t even be bitching about the new change to that.) But – I wasn’t ready for this! The big-girl-bed has gone over surprisingly well… except that Myla now wakes before 7am! What the? Why??? The worst part is – she’s beyond exhausted. I’ve never witnessed such charcoal bags under the precious-moments eyes of a person so petite.

Okay – so I can handle the earlier hours (though this means I must start again to fight my night-owl instincts in the late-evening hours!! This family is determined to get me to appreciate mornings and leave the ‘night-life’ behind. It was nice while it lasted.) But – what to do about the obvious issue with her need for more sleep?? Not sure yet. I’ll have to figure it out. Perhaps a slightly earlier nap, and a slightly earlier bed-time?? We’ll give that a go. Until then, I have a

TIP! for tolerating my own lack of sleep :) Teavana. They have a fantastic mate’ that is much like a blend of a chocolate, coffee, and a tea concoction. It’s most delish, and really does wake you up! It’s better than coffee – I don’t get jitters – and I don’t have any kind of ‘crash’ later. I also am able to drift to sleep without a prob come night time. It’s SOOO marvelous! I highly recommend trying it. Here is the description in the Teavana catalog:
“Mate’ ‘Feel Good Tea’ Cardiovascular aid, mental & physical stimulant and hungar suppressant. Mate’ contains several different Xanthines besides caffeine. When blended, they create a different kind of energy, one that will not cause jitters.”

A QUOTE: "If writers stopped writing about what happened to them, then there would be a lot of empty pages." ~Elaine Liner

WHIDFML: Mended a few well-liked pieces of attire - to be worn again!

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