Friday, September 25, 2009

How Do I Appear to My Neighbors When ...

 I step outside of the threshold onto the cement, holding open the door while wildly calling for (and cursing a bit) the dog that just will NOT respond and come into the damn house already... ONLY to find that she sheepishly tip-toes past me - OUT the door frame from inside the house, tail between her legs as though she's done something wrong?

B) Confused
C) Meanie
D) Insane
E) Goofy
F) Effed-Up
G) Most of the above
H) All of the above

OR - I) A sleep-deprived mother of two toddlers who also have not slept well in 2 weeks, and who continue to melt-down over nothing constantly, battling wills against the parents, won't put  on shoes to leave the house as I'm juggling locking windows, doors, *Letting in the Dog*, eating something quick, packing a diaper bag, refilling juice cups, and shuffling everyone out the door to get to the pediatric dentist on time - (In 5 minutes... It's 15 minutes away.)

*[The correct answer is "I".... Oh alright - and "A"... A bit of a trick-question.]

TIP! A run-on-sentence (or 2) is perfectly acceptable, when necessary to get a point across!

A QUOTE: "A great writer reveals the truth even when he or she does not wish to."  ~Tom Bissell

WHIDFML: Skipped the major ordeal of cooking a big dinner (though that usually falls to Joel who embraces this skill), and cleaning up afterward (this part falls unto me.) - We winged it with easy stuff... pizza for J and the girls, and gf waffles for me - (so yummy!) Ahhhh. Nice to relax.


  1. Note: it is quite common to forget your shoes or simply decide it's not worth it whilst trying to get kids out the door. I've been known to pick up my kids at the bus stop in my bare feet. People might notice, but they don't know the challenge before me when I tried to find said-shoe and found that my 2 year old hid them in the toy closet.

  2. I'm LOVING your blog Denise!! I'm not a mommy but the way you describe things it's as if I'm going through it as well. Love that!