Friday, October 9, 2009

Damn 4-Letter-Words!

It's kind of funny, actually. Joel used to be one of those guys who incorporated swear words into his version of the English language, as part of his daily attempt at effective communication. I used to RARELY use any of this nasty language... and when I did, I was usually by myself and could blurt it out softly - knowing no one else would know! 

I had pestered him for years, reminding him that this was so unnecessary... and that his language was, well, kind of shitty. When we were expecting our first baby - I warned him vehemently about the baby's ability to hear our words early on, and how he should probably 'practice' using select words less frequently before the baby's arrival. 

Then, we had babies. And, Joel miraculously stopped using hideous language to get his points across! WOW. Even crazier than all of that - was the fact that I STARTED using the hideous language! WHAT? Yep.... I had kids, and my mouth started to become a means for eliminating pent up frustration and stress. The tables have turned, and now Joel nags me regularly - reminding me not-so-gently, "Hey, watch your mouth please." It's so ironic! I don't mean to - really I don't. I still think it's pretty gross - especially coming from a girl. (Not sure why, it just is!) 

But here's the deal. My kids made me do it! Hahahaahaha! It was subordinate-pressure! HA! If it wasn't for all of the daily chaos and crazies - I'd be that sweet-spoken lady again. I've developed a kind of appreciation for these key terms, as they really do allow opportunities to enunciate certain valid points, and render emotion. They can help represent a certain mood, and draw attention to the importance of a given situation. But more than this, IT'S WAY CHEAPER THAN THERAPY!  There is a quote sent to me by a friend recently that sums it up nicely: "Therapy helps... but screaming obscenities is faster and cheaper!" Yeah - THAT's why I took up this new hobby around the same time that I took up parenting. It all makes sense now, doesn't it? This is your brain. This is your brain on kids... Any questions?

New motivation; I really SHOULD start to be more conscientious about when and where I let it all out! Addie is really in her mimicking stage now, and repeats nearly everything that we say. I'm already receiving phone calls from future teachers in my mind... It's not pleasant conversation. I'm actually pretty good about making sure I don't do it in front of the girls - but when I get really frustrated (and that's usually the trigger anyway), look out! This bitch is bound to fuckin' piss someone off with her damn cursing shit! SO, that said, I plan to use this stage of growth in Addie, to ignite a new stage of growth in me - and kick the habit. (Unless it brings me to therapy - in which case, to hell with that bullshit!) ;)

TIP! Don't be a hypocrite! I'm usually very keen on avoiding that - but this time I must admit. Here are my new favorite words as were recently discovered on an online poll website. (The ones in white are my real faves!)

Sweet sassy molassy
Jeez Louise

 A QUOTE: "I'll leave the swearing to the Jane Fondas"  ~Irene Dunne

WHIDFML: Laughed. Hard. With vigor. 

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