Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Girls' Night Out!

Such a great way to break away - and come back refreshed and ready to tackle the daily do's again the rest of the week...

One night a week, a bunch of friends meet as part of a bowling league. I was afraid to commit to the full 32 weeks this year yet... 
A) I still have 2 babies at home!
B) I am prone to migraines, and hadn't bowled in so long that I wasn't sure if it'd trigger it or not....
C) Also prone to carpel tunnel in the wrist - ever since pregnancy (though much less frequent now.) 
D) We have some financial obligations to work out before I can justify spending that much money to bowl for the year. 
(Just a few things holding me back, huh?) 

But here's the deal - every team needs a couple of subs on stand-by ~ so I signed up for that! It's a one-time fee of $19 bucks, and if I can't do it, it's likely that someone else can. It's only on an as-needed basis. 
In the meantime, I get to go and hang out there with the girls each week, have a drink, cheer them on, and socialize. It's fab! If I can't make it one night for some reason, I'm not interfering with anyone else... It's the perfect way to ease into it.
I got to sub last time - and had no ill-effects! So if next year I feel it'd be cool to commit, I'll know I won't suffer headaches or wrist tenderness. (bonus)

TIP! If you commit to too much at once, you'll feel overwhelmed instead of energized by and looking forward to the outings - even if the commitments are fun-based. Choose one or two things that you'd really enjoy doing, and keep things spaced out enough that you don't become overloaded. Too often, too many of us forget how to say 'no' - or feel pressured by society or others' expectations, and wind up feeling run-down. What good are we to anyone if we are already beat?! I learned this from experience myself. Won't do it again :) Life's too short. 

A QUOTE: "Sometimes the cure for restlessness is rest."  ~Colleen Wainwright

WHIDFML: The other night, I was chilled to the bone from several days of wet, cold, rain... I mentioned how nice it'd be to have that hot-tub we hope to acquire one day... Joel said he'd put the girls down if I wanted to relax in a hot bath. I jumped all over that! Oh man, it was soooooo relaxing, and I slept great. (Got the blood flowing again!) That was one of the most thoughtful things! Simple, cost him nothing, and offered me a little break and some time to myself to do nothing but relax.  (Maybe the husbands should read these blogs too, huh?? We can hint...)

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