Friday, October 9, 2009


What typically comes to mind when we think of the word 'lullaby'? 
I think that most folks probably envision a very serene, solemn moment where child is cradled lovingly in the arms of parent, eyelids heavy with fatigue (on child AND parent!), while a mellow, comforting tune is being hummed or sung softly in a dim light. 

Personally, however, I can't help but laugh as I recall what takes place in the dimly lit, cozy little room where my babies finally succumb to the powers of the sleep-monster each evening in our house! Inevitably, more chaos ensues, and "mellow" or "solemn" definitely do not fit the description of this scene whatsoever...

First, we must catch the almost-two-year-old as she tries to escape our grasp, kicking and screaming wildly in high hopes of successfully evading the evil monster of sleep. 
Second, we pry the fingers of the 3-year-old from her bed rails/ balance maintainers, as she jumps erratically, squealing defiantly, all with an energy level you would come to expect any sleep-avoiding child to demonstrate right before bed. 

Once we each have one encapsulated (captured) in our loving (and tightly gripped) arms, we begin the favored 'lullaby'.  "Twinkle twinkle little..... Stinkle!" [insert wild screams and laughter from the children here.] Daddy is required to incorporate the word 'stinkle' into this classic as many times as possible to avoid crying from the 3-year-old. Mommy, on the other hand, is not allowed to say this word, and must stick to the original script. We sway, the girls try to gouge out one another's eyes and tickle one another. In between the whimpers, whines & laughter, we try to just roll with this - because that distant light is growing nearer and brighter; SOON, the kids will be in bed. 

Seriously - that fly on the wall thinks we're all insane, and I'm pretty sure that he's at least partly right in his evaluation. But at least he understands why we are nearly exhausted by the time the kids are finally under the control of the scary sleep ogre. Now, the ogre is after US too! 
AAAAHHHHHHH! Oh what the hell - Here, take me away to sleepy-land. Lord knows I need it!

TIP! We've never been able to literally just lay our kids down to go to sleep... not without hours of strife to follow, anyway. But we found that when we created a routine involving 'cradling' them to sleep via a nice, quiet, lullaby (ehem)  - they are at least somewhat accepting of their nightly fate.  Whatever works - no - I mean, whatever HELPS!

A QUOTE: "Insanity is hereditary. You can catch it from your kids."  ~Erma Bombeck  (In honor of a compliment-too-kind!)

WHIDFML: I'm going to enjoy watching some beloved Forensic Files online during baby naps today! I've missed them. I just have a hard time conceptualizing or really truly understanding anything scientific... so it amazes me to see how they solve crimes in this way. Must be that art-brain thing.

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