Monday, October 19, 2009

Poop DOES Happen!

Over the weekend, the near-2-year-old reached a significant milestone. She pooped on the potty for the first time! 
She came into the bathroom and started to move a basket of things I had begun to store on the kid-potty - figuring it wouldn't be required for it's intended purpose for a while... I stopped her saying, "No honey, don't make a mess of that stuff." She insisted, "Potty!" So I asked her, "You have to GO potty?!?" "Ummm, Hmmmmmmm," Came her reply. OK. So I quick threw the basket off to the side, proceeded to strip her down, and sat her little buns on the kiddie-sized seat. She didn't do the usual "all done" thing right away - and was content being silly and hanging out while she sat... I thought that perhaps she really did need to go this time. Every couple of minutes, I'd reassure myself by asking her, "Do you still need to go poo-poo Addie?" To which she'd reply each time, "Ummm, Hmmmmmmm..." OK! So we played, and waited, and she was a trooper. Finally, following a red face, big grunt, and the sound of a subtle 'plop'... wallah! She had succeeded! 
Sugar goes a long way - especially in cookie form. We praised and rewarded and reminded her how big she is now - in an effort to maintain some momentum with this sudden and unexpected up-swing. The following day - she went twice -- in her diaper... BUT, she initiated the makings of her milestone, she recognized the signs her little body provided, and she knows what to do now! Maybe she can teach her big sister next??? I have confidence that she can ;) I haven't thrown in the diaper towel (again) - YET.

TIP! They say pressuring them is actually more likely to backfire when attempting to potty-train. Each kiddo goes when they are good and ready. My sister didn't do much of anything with her first child, and it completely worked to her advantage. One day out of no where, he said, "Mom, I have to go potty." So she ran to find the nearest restroom at the mall, and he's been "trained" ever since! That's what we decided to do with Myla - because the very idea of sitting on there - even just for practice - brings her to a Myla-Melt-Down. I already have a regular schedule involving force-feeding, and making the child sleep... Force-potty-training isn't exactly what I'd like to see added to the calendar. Perhaps the praise, pretty panties, and cookies she'll see her sister receiving will be motivation enough?? We may be plugging our noses, but we're not going to hold our breath over here. Worth a minimum of a try, however!

A QUOTE: (This pretty much applies to Addie already!) "The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore."
~Dale Carnegie

WHIDFML: I was having a craving - bad. I haven't had a cookie in FAR too long (damn gluten!) The gluten-free variety I had tried wasn't even what you could call a cookie, in all fairness. I asked Joel, "WHAT could possibly compare to and substitute a cookie?! Nothing's working." Before he could answer, I reminded Myla that when she goes trick-or-treating on Halloween, that she needs to share all of her Snickers with mommy - since they do not contain gluten. LIGHT-BULB! I knew if I had a Snickers (or 2?) - I'd be feeling a whole lot better about that cookie thing. Myla kindly offered, "Mama - you need a 'hinickers' so bad, don't you?! I'll go to the store with my Dad and get you a "hinickers'!!" - - Me: "If you're sure honey." ;) What a girl, and what a hubby. They went and had a bonding moment, buying mommy her much-needed candy bar! I reveled in eating the delish treat. (Have you ever seen anyone practically make-out with a candy bar before?! Well, now you've at least heard of it!!)

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