Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's That in Your Hair, Mama?

HA! I had been thinking (hoping) that my own "silver-lining" had not been so noticeably obvious... But when a 3-year-old asks why you have 'another color in your hair with your brown'... you know it's there. 
I had to laugh. I mean, she's 3. She's innocent. She's observant. She's honest. Can't blame her for being rude, and pointing out the obvious, right? ;)
I responded with honesty too. I mean, we've already acknowledged the elephant. So why try to throw a doily on it now? "Mama's gettin' old I guess... but I think it's actually more linked to stress than age darling, and you have a hand in that." HA! Sure...

So, I spin 30, and haven't felt better in my life than I have all year! It appears, of course, something's gotta mess with that, right? I started to ponder whether I should consider some fun color strategies. I did enjoy the auburn hue I had tried a couple of times just before getting married. It was mainly for fun, and the wedding... because I worried that it pretty much mangled my hair. I finally have hair I'm happy with - so I'd rather not mess with it's delicate tendencies by frying it with chemicals (chemicals that go against my green-motto, btw!)
Hmmmm. I'm brought back to a convo with a friend who assured me that he felt I'd "still be pretty with grey hair..." This is reassuring - especially coming from a (hot - and honest & insightful) guy. But, what about the in-between stages? Maybe I can just get those root-touch-up kits and add some highlights to the hightlights? HA! I tried a home kit once. That's all I have to say about that. 
SO, if hot guys think their visions of me bearing greys are "still pretty", and little girls can follow up statements about silver hair with a hug and a "you're the best mommy I've ever seen!" - then I suppose I should just grin and bear it. Okay, I accept! Bring it on!!! I'll look wiser, and actually - probably a little bit more like my age. (Maybe I won't get carded at the casino anymore!) See, there's always a silver lining - even to your silver lining. 

TIP! Think of yourself like a painting that is continually evolving... The artist (God, anyone?) keeps coming back and adding layers. You develop into an even more interesting, beautiful, and detailed piece of work as time passes. We're not aging, we're evolving works of art! A splash of grey and a laugh-line... all part of the deepening of the meaning behind the painting. 

A QUOTE: "Motherhood has given me plenty of grey hairs, but hardly noticeable compared to the smile lines."   ~ My cousin, Tracy Walker :)

WHIDFML: I bought some new mascara. I mean, it seems small, but really - it is the little things that should matter, and often do for me. I have big, round, child-like eyes when my lashes aren't given a bit of oomph. I already appear to many people to be an average of 10 years younger than I actually am... I suppose I'll appreciate that when I'm like, 60. But for now... I like to appear old enough to drive (okay - slight exaggeration there! It's getting better - with the silver hairs and all.) Maybe when I'm 60, or when my hair is completely void of color, I can give up the mascara! :)

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