Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maybe THAT'S What She Meant!

My 3-year-old pitter-pattered her way energetically into our room this morning, after she awoke to find me still lying there. (Still fighting this cold... but I think it's winning now. Should'a tried more scotch/ brandy/ whiskey/ rum??? I'm really not a lush - I promise! Or this cold would be GONE.) 
While lying there in my bed - snuggled up under the covers, heads atop one pillow together, she looked at me inquisitively while patting me kindly on the head. "Mama", she began, "WHAT is your hair color called - it's so DARK! Why is your hair so dark??!!" 
Hahahahah! How cool is THAT? Maybe it wasn't the 'silvers' that sparkle in between all of that 'dark' that had captured her attention previously? Maybe. But in any case, now she was admiring the dark warmth of my naturally brown waves. She then asked what her color is, while pulling a few long strands outward in front of her so she could have another look. I explained that her golden-yellow locks were called "blond", and that mine is the color brown. 
It's funny because people have asked on a number of occasions whether my hair color is natural. I've had others support my cause when I explain that it is - as they reassure those questioning it with a reply that usually goes something like this, "Yep. It's natural - I noticed a few greys in there..." Hm. Thanks. Hahahaha - Whatever! It actually gets darker when I'm in the sun more often... (as weird and backwards as that seems.) This summer - (if you could call it that - I think we had a few months of spring, and then we jumped right back into winter...) -  I was out in the sun 20 times as often, now that the girls are at a point where we can all enjoy being outside together. Maybe the lessened stress overall, the increased vitamin D, my creative endeavors (photography and writing), and the pure joy of relaxing in the sun is 'reversing' my aging process - including my hair! So be it. ;) 

TIP! I've noticed a real difference in the softness & manageability of my hair since I started taking a women's multivitamin (from Trader Joe's - only $6 a bottle!) titled "Hair, Skin, Nails". Not sure what is in excess in there to help promote those areas of the bod, but I have seen it working! If I'm going to take a supplement anyway - might as well boost my hair and skin. (Though I hate long nails! I keep mine super-short... I think I've had to cut them more frequently since taking the vitamins. Still worth it!)

A QUOTE: "You can only perceive real beauty in a person as they get older."  ~Anouk Aimee

WHIDFML: Got about 9 hours of sleep last night! Maybe that will help me shake this cold? Here's hoping! Feeling pretty good otherwise - with that amount of sleep!

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