Thursday, October 29, 2009


It was one of those days... I was jostled out of bed far too early by the 3-year-old today... and obviously hadn't had a chance to get ready before she awoke. Addie woke up on the wrong side of the crib, and felt clingy and whiny (not like her at all). I tried to get ready, a little bit here, a little bit there... From pajamas... to new underware... to bra + underware... to jeans... to shirt. Nope, not that shirt. To different shirt. To socks. Whew - I managed to fully clothe myself today! 
After forcing them to eat breakfast, I had to drag two toddlers out into the chilly, rainy, muddy day to get to the credit union so as to pay the bills on time for the month's end. Warming up the truck; Running back to a puddle to gather up Myla and 'drop' her into her car-seat - I close her door. Chasing Addie as she makes the most of the few remaining precious seconds to splash as much as possible in her puddle, I fumble hurriedly to lock the 5-point-harness in her car seat around her. Run back around to Myla's side, and connect all the dots on her 5-point-harness. All the while, I'm getting wet - - and cold. Finally - both kids are secured, and I can climb in. 
En-route to our destination, I'm nearly side-swiped off of the road (in my desperate attempt to refrain from allowing the idiot who decided to veer into the right-turning lane while I was directly beside her - already there - HELLO?!) I slammed on the brakes, started for the ditch, and laid on the horn. I couldn't free the vehicle of the gravel - but finally found the pavement so that I could catch up to said idiot in an effort to make them fully aware that mamma-bear is AAAAANGRY now. Flickering high-beams (in an already enormously-over-sized-rig where headlights conveniently glare off of rear-view mirrors), and HORN as though it is STUCK.... I high-tale it up the ass of the stupid ass. I mean, we all make mistakes on the road/ have blind spots. I get it... But I have 2 babies in my car - and you HAD to have seen me there as you almost pushed me into the ditch. NO attempted brake, no hesitation whatsoever, and no swerving back out of my way... Seriously? REALLY? THAT pushed me to my limit today. 
Candy suckers at the credit union made for an interesting additional set of circumstances. I agreed that they could each choose one, if they waited until we got home to eat them. Addie took it upon herself to figure out how to unravel the tightly-wound wrapper, and darted off down the hallway of the building with the sucker already in her mouth. Ahhhh! So - upon taking it away, she screamed - literally - and it lasted the whole ride home. Lovely. I turned up the volume on the radio. 
They agreed to sit nicely once we arrived home, so as to avoid inevitable choking. (I have a serious paranoia about this.) But by the time they were finished consuming the suckers, the suckers had also effectively consumed each of them. These stains should be easy to remove later... Yeah right. 
Finally - nap time. I eat lunch, and pay the online bills, and figure out some other business. Later on, as dinner was nearing, Joel thought that perhaps we should enjoy a glass of wine this evening. It is, after all, Thirsty-Thursday! He was chatting with a gal at work who asked if I ever "get crazy being at home with the kids all day long..." He replied honestly, "Yeeeep. She does." Ha! Today was a prime example. She said that back when she was a SAHM, she (especially in winter time) took some extra vitamin-D supplements. She claims they worked wonders! So... with no vitamin-D readily on-hand (though I WILL be browsing Trader Joe's during our next visit for said vitamin!), we agreed that wine would be good. And it was!
After about a half glass... I was already feeling a little bit less on edge. Is there vitamin-D in this wine? No. But I think it had more to do with the humor I was experiencing at that point, rather than the effects of half-a-glass of wine! The girls, were each in my face as Joel put the finishing touches on our meal... I was holding one in each arm, because they wanted a sneak-peek of dinner. While perched there, they took the opportunity to rouse some laughter from deep within my belly, by participating in a synchronized little ditty - all about none other than POOPY! Imagine two bright-eyed, silly-faced, giggly little expressions mere inches from you, dancing their heads and shoulders back and forth while chanting repeatedly an already-funny English word, "Poopy! Pooopy! Poooooopy! Poopy! hahahahahah! Pooopy!" How can one refrain from laughing in a situation like that??? 
Just when I thought they had already turned my mood for the better with their silly giddiness, I was in for another fun folly. As we were prepping them for their bath, I groaned at the realization that even more of their clothing had been contaminated with Tootsie-Pop-laden-drool-stains than I had noticed initially. Bummer. Joel asked what the heck kind of sucker it was? I said, "A chocolate Tootsie-Pop... Right Myla?" She answered assuredly, "Yep! I had a shookie toc-a-pob!" Hearing this, Addie was quick to assure daddy that she too had had a "Pop Op, Op"! I was laughing again. This is why kids are worth the trouble. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks - (usually, anyway.) And when a significant source of your stress is able to also turn that stress upside down with laughter, you kind of have a good thing going. (Thank God!) 

TIP! Vitamins & Herbal, natural remedies can be just as effective, if not more so, than prescriptions and/or OTC meds -  at battling many various human ailments - from headaches to stress to sleeplessness, to tummy aches. Trader Joe's has a really reasonably-priced variety of many different supplements. Try a google search of whatever ails you, and I bet you can find lots of ideas.

A QUOTE: "While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about."  ~Angela Schwindt''

WHIDFML: Enjoyed those great laughs! You can't pay for this kind of humor. There's nothing so effective at beating stress either. 

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