Thursday, October 22, 2009

Taking Care of Mommy!

Myla fully understands the concept of being sick now that she's 3, and pretty much has everything all figured out. (Didn't take her long, huh?) So, as the three of us girls played together in their "chicken table" (Translation: Kitchen Table, which means their play-kitchen), she proceeded to make a variety of goodies to 'help mommy feel better'. My favorite? A very special soup... Myla carefully 'poured' said 'soup' from the pretend container, into the mug, and stirred it with the little wooden ladle. Then, into the toy version of a toaster-oven it went. The little pink timer was set, and she located her mini-oven-mitt. She then carefully removed the very hot soup from the oven with her mitt, and stirred again. "It's very hot, mama", She informed me, as she proceeded to blow on it for me. (Awwww.) Handing it to me, along with an appropriately over-sized spoon, I thanked her profusely and asked what kind it was.... (Ready?)
"BLUEBERRY-CHOCOLATE-WINE-BRACELET SOUP!" Came her very matter-of-fact reply. I held back the laughter so as not to unwittingly stifle this imagination, or her sweet little spirit. I repeated it, just to make sure - and she nodded with a proud smile. I told her that it was the best soup I had ever tasted, and that I already felt better! (It was true. After hearing something like that  - how could you not feel better, right?!) This was my soup-for-the-soul today! Times like these remind me about all the reasons why I love kids! ;) 

TIP! Try as hard as you can to hold back the laughter in situations like the above - until you can at least make it seem like something else has set you off into laugh-ville! You want to encourage that imaginative creativity... and you don't want to chance making them feel bad. There are surely more good giggles to come out of temporarily holding back. You want to keep 'em coming! It's actually good for everybody :)

A QUOTE: "If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm."  ~Bruce Barton

WHIDFML: Trying to decide between watching some tube, or taking a nap... both of which I rarely take part in. I have a cold - I can justify this ;)

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