Thursday, October 15, 2009

You Are What You Drink...

... WHINOS! 

Well... I don't drink wine every day  - YET. But I have every reason to! First, as you know, I have two toddlers. Second, Dr Oz - medical celebrity - has assured me that in moderation, say a glass a day, it is extremely good for your bod. Now, how can I argue with that??? (I happen to think it's rather great for the psyche too.) So, until we find it in our budget to indulge daily, we'll make-do by starting with Thirsty-Thursday, and making our way through the weekend ;)

Aside from that - I begin each morning with a 18-oz glass of milk to wash down my vitamin. Me loves milk. MOO. If you're not a fan, you could try subbing rice milk or soy milk instead. They are a bit sweeter, and rather delish. You can also sub with juice or the like... especially if it's real (and not sugar-laden fakey stuff.) *Anything comprised primarily of water (without caffeine or alcohol content) is acceptable to count toward your 64oz daily intake. (I learned this while pregnant - my doc confirmed!) Like Gatorade? Groovy! Like decaff? Rock on! (Coffee is very good for you as well - antioxidants are yummy! And a non-over-dose of caffeine on occasion can only help us on our path to super-hero proximity on days when we don't think we can get out of bed, let alone avenge worldly turmoil.)

Now that it's friggin winter around here again already, I enjoy a warm cup (16oz!) of tea following that milk. I try to fill in the rest of the 64oz of liquid a day with actual water. I get this all accomplished before evening hours on the weekends - so that the alcohol-laden wine (alcohol is required for those beneficial effects per Dr. Oz!) can be consumed without worry. (Are you laughing WITH me?! Hahahahahaha. No worries HERE!) 

For me, water is not just water. It's recycled, which is good - in the sense that it is a resource that we would otherwise already be fresh out of. But seriously - how much of those chemical toxins in the meds/pills flushed down toilets, cleaners, soaps, etc, etc can adequately be 'filtered' from our taps? I believe they can eliminate a lot of bacteria via boiling/ reverse-osmosis/ whatevering... But there are just some things that I can't see them achieving yet with regard to the other. I do believe that tap water is better for us than no, or too little, water. I just have a hankering for that fresh spring water. Nothing is completely void of the crap we put into our air, water, and earth. The ickies that soak in through the ground surely find their way into the pure springs as well. BUT, it's just one step above what humans can accomplish if you ask me! So, if I'm going to buy water, I'm not going to spend our money on water that is boiled after being boiled. I'm going to spend it on the cleanest water available to us on the planet, which is then further purified to eliminate any ruminating bacteria. Drink Fresh ;) 

~ Buying spring water can be fairly easy on the budget, and pretty low-hassle. I buy the big 2.5 gallon jugs (Glenwood Inglewood) with the built-in dispensers/ taps. I stick one in the fridge, and one on the counter. If I'm cooking something (especially for the kids) where the water is absorbed into the entirety of the meal (ie: oatmeal, or mashed potato flakes, or tea for me) - I use the spring water on the counter top. If I'm just prepping something via boiling (ie: brats, or pasta), I use tap water. I then fill and re-fill bottles to drink during the day from the spring water in the fridge. I carry around a 34oz. water bottle. I know that after my milk, and tea, once I finish that big bottle of H2O - I've had my 64oz-plus for the day. And it's always there to travel with me. **This is also a great way to avoid using multiple plastic containers/ bottles. Just re-fill from the big jugs, and then step on them to flatten - and recycle! 
~ For cheap thrills when it comes to wine - shop Trader Joe's. They have a really great, circulating supply of wines that you can't find elsewhere, as well as much cheaper wines than can be found at other locations for huge mark-ups. By cheaper, I mean in price for the most part. Some of the really REALLY cheap stuff (ie:$3-Buck-Chuck) is also going to taste cheap. But overall, the remainder of their wines are phenomenal - and so many of our favorites range from $5-$7 a bottle!! 
~ One word: Teavana! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Check them out online first, and see what you think you'd like to try. I really appreciate how their brochure breaks down the different types of teas and explains their benefits, caffeine content, and offers suggestions. 
**Also - if you start to feel a cold coming on - try Aveda's Comforting Tea. The price recently literally doubled ($24/ jar - but lasts a long time) because now it's also certified organic - but it's great at warding off illness, or at least helping diminish symptoms, and will hasten the healing process if you fall victim to a bug anyway. It's caffeine free - so you can drink it at night to help clear up nasal passages (peppermint & licorice root!) Joel & I like having a jar on hand for just such occasions. (We need more, but man - literally DOUBLE the price. Ouch. Probably worth it though. Especially this time of year!) 
~ Organic Milk = best deal at Target! It's the Acher Farms brand that sells for the best buy. I love the flavor, and it often goes on special for an even better price-break. Plus, Target is everywhere! 

A QUOTE: " Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used."  ~ William Shakespeare

WHIDFML: Joel and I are going to 'splurge' and purchase a few bottles of our favorite wine during a traditional Halloween outing with the kids at a nearby MN apple farm & winery very soon. :)

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