Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Worth A Shot....

Of Whiskey! 

Well, my bod finally gave way to the bug the girls recently got over. Thankfully, it was rather mild, and didn't last terribly too long. I think if it hadn't been for a recent stressor affecting my sleep... I'd have gotten by without the attack! But, it's here now.
Joel felt the pangs of a sore throat a couple of weeks back, while the girls were still showing some symptoms. He took a shot of Brandy one night - and felt remarkably good the next day! 
SO. When my throat became inflamed with the pinch of cold-onset, I immediately took action. However, the VSOP brandy that he swears by contains grain/wheat. So - I opted for the 30-year-old scotch we inherited a while back. We've been saving it for "special" occasions. (We're not big hard-liquor connoisseurs anyway.) I guess this was special enough. Worth a try - or a shot that is. 
Hm! Seems to have helped... I mean, it's no longer sore. It's scratchy... but my tea intake seems to alleviate that - at least temporarily. (Could it be the tea? Perhaps the combo did the trick!)
I'm having very limited symptoms still - and this is great! I can function, which is good - seeing as motherhood doesn't typically allow for sick-days. 

TIP! Hey, I'm in no way suggesting that alcohol is 'the answer' when it comes to ailing bods. But, if a shot of the hard stuff happens to kill off a few bacteria before they get the chance to further multiply, then who am I to argue? 
*For those other gluten-intolerant souls out there, be careful about things like "Emergen-C" brand vitamin boost powders. That one contains wheat, per the package. I have, however, heard that the popular brand Airborne is gluten-free!
*I still believe in the ability of that Aveda Comforting Tea to nip it in the bud too... I guess I jinxed myself by not buying a new bottle recently after discovering that it had gone up in price. Should'a, Could'a, Would'a... Will - next time! 
A QUOTE: "A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses."  ~ Hippocrates
WHIDFML: Slept-in (until the babes woke me) to help the whiskey & tea smother this bug in its tracks ... Now, off to Cheap Date Night with the hubby while a sitter takes on the babes! :) (Wonder if the Wine will help too... If nothing else, it helps alleviate the 'stressor' part!) ;)

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